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Blue Gold McCaw

Blue Gold McCaw

Intelligent, sociable, & beautiful, the Blue & Gold Macaw does well as a pet with owners who are dedicated and responsible. In the wild, this bird inhabits forest & woodlands of tropical South America. They are playful, comical, mischievous, and often very warm and loving. Life span is 60-80 years. Length is 26" - 33".

Green Wing McCaw

Green Wing McCaw

The Green Wing MaCaw is a large red, green, and blue South American parrot. Socially interactive with humans and other parrots, this bird possesses the sweetest nature and makes an excellent life-long companion. Length is 26-36" and life span is 60-80 years. Weight is 2.7 - 3.75 lbs.


Corpus Christi Cockatoo

There are many species of cockatoos, but the most common are Moluccan, Umbrella, Greater and Lesser Sulfur Crested, and Goffin. They are very lively, affectionate birds. Length ranges from 12-27" with a life span of 40-80 years.

African Greys

African Greys

This bird is loving, play full, and has the highest intelligence level of any breed of parrot. The african grey is known as the "Einstein's" of the parrot world. Length is 12-14" and weight is about 1lb. Life span is 60-80 years.



There is a wide variety of Conures, however, some of the most common are Suns, Green Cheek, and Blue Crown. These medium sized parrots are playful, talkative, and sweet natured. Lengths are from 6-14" and life span is 30-50 years.